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Holding the Moment

About a month ago, on a Thursday evening, I was out, it was one of the most beautiful kind of Minnesota evenings. 70 ish, sunny, a cloud or two to contrast the blue sky and an easy breeze lilting through every now and then.

I found myself at dusk with Gromit who had played nose work with me for three hours.  We were in downtown Hopkins, though a suburb of Minneapolis, it still has remnants of a small town from days gone by.  A cute single main street reminded me of an up north small Minnesotan town.

We were at a mock NW2 trial for the evening.  It was held at the office of an architectal firm - a large room in an old drug store building that had been converted into an open space, with short cube walls, desks lined perfectly all facing the large window in the front toward the west.  Blue prints everywhere, hanging from racks, sitting on desks, and rolled up in tubes.  Two meeting rooms set angled towards the front of the building.  The larger one with an industrial size r…

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